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Вышел Service Pack 02 для 10.2B

13 сентября 2010 г. вышел Service Pack 02 на OpenEdge 10.2B.

Скачать его можно через ESD. Если вы еще не зарегистрированы в ESD, то информацию о способе регистрации можно получить здесь 

Примечание: в 10.2B02 вошли все исправления SP01, здесь они описаны не будут, см. описание 10.2B01

Исправления, вошедшие в 10.2B SP02

Product Update Version:



Release Version:



Date Available:


September 2010

Issue # Component Description
OE00131298 Management CORE The Compaction Job may fail with error (1422) when UTF-8 characters are present in the trend database.
OE00132803 GUI 4GL Applying the VALUE-CHANGED event on a toggle-box has different effects depending on whether the application is running in TTY or GUI mode.
In GUI mode, the CHECKED state of the toggle-box remains unchanged.
In TTY mode, the toggle-box will toggle between checked and unchecked states.
OE00159911 Management Management DB_UserCountHigh alert may fire when the number of users connected to a database has not exceeded the defined threshold.
OE00162241 Open Client .NET When using a .NET proxy, trying to connect to a non-existing AppServer, memory is allocated, but never released.
OE00164110 LANG Procedure Library prolib fails when trying to add a file to a .pl file that is larger than 2Gb.
OE00169970 GUI BROWSE An Update SmartPanel linked to a child SDO will cause the child SDO to lose field values not visible in the browser. This happens when saving a new record fails, for example because it triggers a unique index violation. Subsequent attempts to save after correcting the error conditions will either save the data with incorrect field values, or will simply fail to save.
OE00192798 NETUI User Interface When executing a 'MESSAGE ... VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX' in a LEAVE trigger for an ultraTextEditor which was the result of pressing the TAB key, focus stays in the ultraTextEditor.
OE00194183 LANG 4GL The client may crash when you parent a static frame to a dynamic frame and delete the dynamic frame. The static frame becomes invalid after that point and cannot be used in the program anymore.
OE00194195 ADE Tools and Runtime Data Dictionary You can only enter 7 digits in the Transaction Id field of the Custom Audit Data Filter dialog in the Data Administration tool.
OE00195391 Security OECS The performance of the GENERATE-UUID (and by extension the GUID function without parameters) dropped significantly in OpenEdge 10.2B compared to previous releases.
OE00195901 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV ABL GUI client crashes when connecting and disconnecting to the schema holder many times.
OE00196027 OEIDE Project IDE Architect will fail to load a form into the Visual Designer if the form references classes in a linked project. A type information for <x> not available error will be displayed.
OE00196061 NETUI Other The following error is returned when trying to subscribe to an event through an object reference that, at runtime, resolves to a type that is not public (for example, the OnSelectionChanged event in the ISelectionService interface):
"System.MissingMemberException when subscribing to SelectionChanged event in iSelectionService interface"
To get the fix for this bug, you need to recompile the source code that subscribes to the event.
OE00196148 GUI 4GL If the WINDOW-STATE attribute for a hidden window is set to WINDOW-MINIMIZED, the window may become visible.
OE00196187 SQL SQL If the required permission to use a sequence is not granted to a user, then that user can get an access denied error when a sQL92 CREATE trigger is trying to open a cursor and the sql statement uses a sequence.
This is not a bug. Error "permission denied" is returned when a sequence is accessed from the trigger and trigger owner does not have permissions to update/access the sequence.
In this case owner of the trigger "PUB" should be given update permissions on the sequence, then trigger should work:
grant update on sequence pub.nextcustnum to pub;

If the Create trigger is created under any user but PUB, and if this user has privilleges to update the sequence, then trigger will run fine.
OE00196232 ADE Tools and Runtime Data Dictionary The .e error file is not generated when error 997 is encoiuntered when loading a delta df on a table that has an inactive primary index
OE00196270 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV error 6216/6159 when inserting records into a table with filestream column
OE00196302 GUI BROWSE ROW-DISPLAY trigger doesn't always fire when scrolling through a smartDataBrowse using a mouse wheel.
OE00196400 ADE Tools and Runtime GUI Rendering When opening a DynSDV in AppBuilder, the widths for the widgets contained will be rounded to the nearest integer value if it was previously saved as a fraction. (ie. 32.40 becomes 32.00; 32.60 becomes 33.00)

This makes it very easy to corrupt the layout of a viewer.
OE00196430 LANG I18N OpenEdge session using -cpinternal UTF-8 crashes when inserting Thai characters into a browse cell. This is a regression that started in 10.2A and 10.1C02.
OE00196446 LANG 4GL Doing a COPY-LOB to a MEMPTR variable and specifying a target codepage conversion to UTF-16 causes the client to crash.
OE00196470 LANG I18N In some cases a UTF-8 client can crash when closing a program after entering Thai text if the fill-in had its format or screen-value changed at runtime.
OE00196491 SQL SQL A stored Procedure fails to return the result set of the SHOW CATALOGS SQL statement and the error "Connection reset ErrorCode=0 SQLState=08S01" is generated.
OE00196602 LANG 4GL Client may crash with error 1101 while undoing a sub-transaction where a record was updated which had already been updated in the main transaction.
OE00196659 DB NET Timing issue where an lkrestore error may occur on behalf of a client process when they are performing a FIND unique query and then press a Ctrl-C due to the process taking a long period of time. When the error occurs the Remote server process will be terminating and all clients connected to that specific server process will exit.
OE00196672 AppServer Broker 10.1C AppServer is not releasing FIFOs when the agents are trimmed. It causes error 8109 with errno 24 in the AppServer broker log indicating that too many files are open. Errno 24 indicates that we are running out of file descriptors.
OE00196677 GUI BROWSE When typing on a view-as combo-box browse column, error 5731 occurs and some corrupted characters appear
"Unable to complete automatic datatype conversion. Use STRING, DECIMAL etc. functions to do explicit conversion. (5731).
OE00196730 NETUI User Interface When there is code in the FormClosing event handler of a Progress.Windows.Form object, focus may switch to another form or window of the application prematurely.
OE00196752 NETUI User Interface When the browser's REFRESH method is executed in an application a System.AccessViolationException message is shown and the process hangs.
The entire text of the message is:
System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
No protrace or log entries are logged and the process may consume the CPU. The only way to end the process is through Task Manager.
OE00196759 NETUI Data Binding Incorrect Timezone (TZ) is displayed in Microsoft DataGrid .NET control when it is assigned a value using the ABL NOW function or an ABL DATETIME-TZ field
OE00196880 Replication Replication Unable to enable site replication, get system error 2329.
OE00196994 SQL Server If a view is defined with the JOIN clause, and "*" notation is used to select all columns in one of the joining tables, then an extra unnamed column is added incorrectly, and the last column in the referenced table is omitted.
OE00197038 LANG 4GL A client session may crash when creating a fill-in field if the session codepage is a multi-byte codepage like utf-8.
OE00197042 LANG 4GL Client may crash after it processes the event-procedure of a asynchronous request when the request is run on SESSION and not an actual AppServer.
OE00197137 Open Client Bridge Enablng .NET Open Client compression can cause random instances of error 7249.
OE00197155 DB DBTLS Reference to "%TOOLSPROP% in proserve.bat needs quotes.
OE00197209 LANG XML It is possible to ask for the parent node of a document's root element. That parent node exists, but is not an element. It is the document root, or x-document.
If an x-noderef references the root element of a document GET-PARENT( ) is called on it, the call does not fail as it should. However, the returned x-noderef is not valid and will lead to the client crashing.
OE00197213 OEIDE Editing Outline View in 10.2B breaks if the closing quote of the last include parameter, which is optional, is omitted.
OE00197225 OEIDE OEIDE The OpenEdge Architect Server view will fail to start AppServer brokers if the OpenEdge 10.2B installation path contains spaces.
This happens both when using the OE Architect installation, and when using the option to integrate the Architect into another Eclipse installation.
This is confirmed on Windows 7 64-bit platform, where the default installation directory will be in the "C:\Program Files (x86)" directory.
OE00197237 UI Controls Embedded Getting the following .NET exception The containing RibbonTab is currently hidden when using quick access toolbar with the keyboard.
OE00197243 DB cx Progress session could hang when (database manager is) trying to insert an index key and encounters a 3 way deadlock on an index tree.
OE00197267 NETUI User Interface When returning from a .NET dialog to a ABL window that has a persistent trigger (ENTRY), the session may crash trying to run the trigger.
OE00197280 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV Creating unicode schema holder using 32-bit or 64-bit MS SQL Native Client 10 is much slower than MS SQL Native Client 9.
OE00197283 DATASERVER ORACLE Bulk inserts causes intermittent oracle error ORA-01008 - not all variables bound.
OE00197333 AdminServer AdminServer When AdminServer starts a unified broker using username and password that password is visible in admserv.log file in plain text format.
OE00197381 DATASERVER ORACLE after upgrading from 10.1B to 10.1C, error 14267 appears when connecting to unicode schema holder
OE00197407 LANG 4GL When connected to a 10.1A database that is enabled for auditing the setuserid function running in a 10.1C, 10.2A, 10.2B client may return true even though invalid login credentials have been supplied. The credentials are not set for the database the SETUSERID function just erroneously returns true even though it has failed.
OE00197421 NETUI User Interface A System.AccessViolationException error may occur when the user closes a form which contains an embedded OpenEdge ABL window.
OE00197440 DATASERVER ORACLE progress_recid displays as unknown value (?) when the value is in negative numbers.
OE00197443 OEIDE Project IDE The order in which files are compiled by the Build process is alphabetical and does not respect order of PROPATH entries. So, if two PROPATHs having same build destination, the rcode in the build destination could be from the PROPATH entry having lower precedence causing hard to debug runtime issues.
OE00197492 DB probkup After a certain number of online probkups, say 6 to 8, probkup will start consuming remote user connection slots which ultimately result in remote users receiving error (748) and not being able to connect. Host based user connections are unaffected.
OE00197494 ADE Tools and Runtime Data Dictionary No warning message is shown when changing the data-type of an existing integer field to a non-integer type in the Schema Field Editor.
OE00197496 ADE Tools and Runtime GUI Rendering The adm2 source code adm2/lookup.p refers to instancOf when it should be instanceOf:
IF {fnarg instancOf 'DynCombo':U hWidget} THEN
OE00197516 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV Unicode schema holder connecting to MS SQL server 2008 64-bit with unicode data type causes ODBC error 37000 when "select * from state where state in ('MA','')" is send through send-sql-statement.
37000: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Unclosed quotation
mark after the character string ''.
37000: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax
near ''.
OE00197549 Report Builder Report Builder If a Report Builder report table has an INT64, DATETIME, DATETIME-TZ, BLOB, CLOB or a RAW field, then the report builder will generate an error similar to the following:
Cannot access master table 'Customer' due to SQL error:
Undefined data type 0 associated with column 19. (1699)
OE00197561 OEIDE Editing The literal text "eof" will break the outline view if it appears as a token in the syntax, so if it shows up as a word by itself, as a property/attribute, as part of a class package name ("testing.eof.testing") or as a name in a database.table.field reference.
Any elements beyond the "eof" will not appear in the outline view.
OE00197570 GUI 4GL When using the -nozgrouping parameter in conjunction with -debugalert, the 4GL Stacktrace may not appear when the Help button in an alert box is clicked.
OE00197649 LANG DATASET The READ-JSON method fails when called on a dynamic ProDataSet that does not have it's NAME attribute set, but does have buffers attached via the SET-BUFFERS() method.
Depending on the OS platform, the error "Dataset name 'ProDataSet' in JSON does not match ''. (15375)" is raised, or the client session crashes.
OE00197676 NETUI NetUI Language When an ADM2 application is launched in a .NET application, browse scrolling does not work reliably with the mouse scroll-wheel.
OE00197688 WebClient WebClient Initializer Once 10.2B WebClient is installed, WebClient will fail to update to a service pack version, if such an update is required by a new version of the application.
This applies to any versions of WebClient installed e.g. if you have both 10.1C03 and 10.2B installed, it is not possible to update to 10.1C04.
OE00197698 NETUI User Interface Help strings are not displayed consistently in the status area of an ABL window when a .NET WAIT-FOR is used. When the user clicks in a fill-in, the help of the previously clicked fill-in is displayed. When the users tabs from one fill-in to another, the HELP displayed in the status area doesn't change.
OE00197754 OEIDE Project IDE if assembly.xml is modified from outside architect, then go to architect and add new assembly reference. since the assembly file reference from inside the architect is not in sync with changes made to assembly file from outside. it end up getting error message:
An error has occurred. See error log for more details.
java.lang. reflect.InvocationTargetException
OE00197766 LANG 4GL When referencing an Array field with the BUFFER-VALUE attribute of a buffer-field without specifying the element, or subscript, this should return error 26 (Array Subscript 0 is out of range), but starting in 10.2A FCS this crashes with the following error:
SYSTEM ERROR: fmeval: bad data type for function 15. (66)
OE00197773 NETUI NetUI Language A .NET object is not released when a form closes if the object is assigned to an ABL array that is passed a .NET method.
OE00197790 DATASERVER DataServer MS SQL TDS error when adding a record
OE00197804 Security SSL Importing a signed SSL key using pkiutil.bat on Win 32 and win 64 causes the following error:
%DLC%/bin/checkkey.exe: option requires an argument -- p
'heckkey.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Incorrect digital certificate imported for <alias name>
OE00197805 SQL SQL _sqlsrv2 process dies when a non-dba user attempts to access a sequence created by a DBA user.
OE00197847 OEIDE Project IDE When in a Run Configuration, the startup program is located in a directory which happens to be part of an OpenEdge project, and this project is closed, the program does not run, but an exception is shown instead:
Error with Debug UI: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
This happens as the validation for startup program fails as the project associated with the startup program cannot be found. This validation is logically not correct. Files in workspace which are not accessible should be treated as files from outside workspace.
OE00197919 LANG XML A repeated READ-XML operation on a dataset crashes the session if:
- One or more of the buffers in the dataset has one or more CLOB fields with 32K worth of data and multi-byte characters
- The session uses -cpinternal UTF-8
OE00197957 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV The GUI client gpf when running a send-sql with a simple select that exceeds 32K limit
OE00197974 SQL SQL When running a SELECT DISTINCT statement with WHERE clause all records in a table are returned instead of the ones that satisfy given condition only.
This problem may occur for cases of SELECT DISTINCT where an index used for query execution can also provide needed uniqueness for result set rows. The sql optimizer was not handling the index use optimization correctly.
OE00198035 NETUI Hybrids Child form does not display in Visual Designer perspective due to design canvas exception if the parent class defines a variable that eventually refers back to itself.
OE00198096 LANG 4GL query run by a v10 Client (pre 10.2B client eg 10.2A, 10.1C, 10.1B) to a v10.2B database on _file fails with:
(15180) SYSTEM ERROR: Could not get _file-num from _file row - retcode: -2 rowid: 11902 (the rowid changes in subsequent tests).
This then hangs future TCP connections until the remote server is cleaned out
hangs a proshut permanently if shutdown is executed before the dead server is cleaned up.
OE00198151 LANG 4GL If a DEFINE SHARED STREAM statement is executed and the stream is not defined as NEW SHARED earlier in the session, the appropriate error "<program> Shared stream <stream> not defined yet. (567)" is raised.
This error is then immediately followed by a session crash.
OE00198191 Open Client Java Java OpenClient gives error 7176 when DataSet relation fields are null (unknown)
com.progress.open4gl.Open4GLException: Input result set error: com.progress.open4gl.Open4GLException: Error formatting message: null. (7176)
OE00198215 Management Management A memory leak is seen in the AdminServer when WSA monitoring is enabled in OpenEdge Management. A Java out of memory exception can occur when the AdminServer process runs long enough.
OE00198255 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV Generated delta.sql contains ? where ALTER TABLE command should be
OE00198259 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV Fetching the unicode data through UNIX client of MSS DS schema holder is displaying wrong format.
OE00198268 NETUI Data Binding Code that worked in 10.2B now gets error 15619 after installing 10.2B01:

"System.ArgumentException: Query or Buffer is already bound to another BindingSource"
OE00198305 SQL SQL Certain queries' performance may degrade when the table, column and index statistics are updated.
OE00198343 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV PROWIN32 with DataServer for MSS crashes using REPOSITION TO ROWID statement to reposition Query #2 with rowid from Query #1
OE00198344 LANG OO4GL Progress.Lang.ProError callstack returns incorrect line number when code is longer than 32K.
OE00198345 GUI 4GL Using the EDIT-PASTE method with a LARGE editor may not work if the editor is not visible.
OE00198385 NETUI User Interface Report Builder viewer is started multiple times from an ABL window. Focus sometimes ends up on the application's disabled form instead of on the Report Builder viewer window.
OE00198393 LANG 4GL When running code that attempts to export a record from a temp-table and there is no record available at the time the session crashes.
OE00198488 LANG 4GL While in PROCESS EVENTs, if the window which has focus is deleted, the AVM can crash once PROCESS EVENTS completes if focus has not been applied elsewhere.
The workarounds are:
- delay deletion of the window until PROCESS EVENTS completes
- apply focus to another window before PROCESS EVENTS completes
OE00198491 LANG OO4GL The compiler can write a corrupt r-code file when compiling an OOABL class, if that class contains members with either empty COMBO-BOX list-items or empty SELECTION-LIST list-items.
When compiling other code that refers to that class and the r-code file exists on disk, the compiler will crash consistently when trying to read in the r-code.
OE00198510 DATASERVER ORACLE When ctrl+C is pressed on the application screen, the ABL client core dumps with error 49 when used with Oracle DataServer.
OE00198511 LANG 4GL The statement to create a COM automation object:
CREATE "[com object]" foo NO-ERROR.

Incorrectly marks the .r as valid only for the display environment it was compiled for. If the code is compiled in prowin32 (GUI), it cannot run on WebSpeed/AppServer agents or _progres (Character UI).
Trying to do so results in "Program ... was compiled under another incompatible display environment. Cannot run without recompile. (4438)"
OE00198531 NETUI NetUI Language If using a .NET timer in an application, and the client/server database connection is slow to respond, the AVM can crash with a SYSTEM ERROR message. This typically happens when the application implements a .NET interface that will end up being called by .NET in response to the timer event.
OE00198539 Server Technology Other The Progress client may core dump when closing if there are outstanding asynchronous AppServer requests that are queued.
OE00198589 DB Other Memory violation when updating an extent/array field in a table that is being audited. The field also must have minimal audit policy
OE00198640 NETUI NetUI Language Compiling a large .NETUI class file with the XREF option on the compile statement can cause the session to crash.
OE00198645 LANG 4GL Pressing F2 on a TTY client to run APPLHELP.P can cause random crashes
OE00198650 LANG 4GL The AVM can crash under the following circumstances:
- a shared variable is defined as a UI object (e.g. COMBOBOX)
- an ON RETURN and ON ENTER trigger is defined for the shared variable, in each program in which it is shared.
- several of these programs are run
- the action segment of one of these programs is evicted and the space re-used for another segment
- the program defining the variable as NEW SHARED terminates
OE00198693 SQL SQL Updating some elements of a character array using the SQL UPDATE statement corrupts all the array elements and renders them all to the unknown value.
OE00198697 NETUI Data Binding The PositionChanged() event is fired before any data is available and does not fire for the first record after data is available
OE00198704 AppServer Agent Under specific situations, an AppServer agent may not exit after a SIGTERM signal. If the agent is in the middle of certain database operations, the signal, which is normally queued until completion of such operations, may be ignored.
OE00198732 ADE Tools and Runtime Data Dictionary It is possible to enter "?" in the Case Insensitive logical field during schema PULL and MIGRATION for MS SQL.
OE00198751 LANG DATATYPE Sometimes, concatenating a LONGCHAR variable to a CHARACTER variable causes the session to crash.
OE00198787 NETUI Other The AVM can crash and/or display a SYSTEM ERROR or System.AccessViolationException under the following circumstances:
- Running an ABL window within a .NET WAIT-FOR
- The ABL window has a browse on it
- The ABL window is processing code which causes an event to change the focussed row in the browse.
- The ABL window calls PROCESS EVENTS
OE00198865 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV Client crash after deleting fields from schema holder definition
OE00198893 LANG 4GL When executing a FIND EXCLUSIVE-LOCK from within a .NET form, if the record is locked by another user, the Database Status (lockwait) dialog appears non-modal. The .NET form can appear in front of the dialog, the user can still interact with the UI controls on the .NET form, and the user can even close the .NET form. However, no ABL triggers will fire in response to any UI interaction while the lockwait dialog is visible.
OE00198909 LANG 4GL When using a date expression with a dynamic function the results differs in 10.2B from previous releases.
OE00198912 Replication SERVER When replication is enabled and repl-keep-alive is used with a value other than the default (300 seconds) system error 10491 can be observed in the database log file.
OE00198914 OEIDE OEIDE Jave exception is raised during compilation, if cpinternal and cpstream are set to UTF-8 and non-English promessages are used
OE00199008 DB proutil Cannot binary dump a table with a thread value greater than 0.
OE00199058 LANG DATATYPE Returning an extent variable from a function or method can trigger error "SYSTEM ERROR: -s exceeded. Raising STOP condition and attempting to write stack trace to file 'procore'. Consider increasing -s startup parameter. (5635)" or "SYSTEM ERROR: sizditm -- invalid type. (51)" depending on the number of elements in the extent.
If error 51 is seen, the error will also crash.
OE00199124 NETUI NetUI Language Assigning a value type variable (i.e. Date) with value unknown (?) to a property of type System.Object (i.e. ultraDateTimeEditor:Value) results in error:
"System.ArgumentException: The control's value cannot be set outside the range determined by the "MinValue" and "MaxValue" properties."
OE00199130 ADE Tools and Runtime Data Dictionary It is possible to load a .df file with a multi component word index without any error. This should not happen.
OE00199195 GUI 4GL The PROMPT-FOR statement fails with error 557 when used to get input of a frame field from an external file after having displayed data in that field that is shorter that the data in the file.
OE00199259 NETUI Data Binding When re-setting the Handle property of ProBindingSource, whether the handle is for a dataset, query or buffer, there is a significant increase in memory usage. If this is done in a batching scenario, or a child dataset of a parent dataset (i.e. orders and orderlines) and the handle is re-attached many times after filling the data source, memory consumption can go up into the GB range.
OE00199288 NETUI NetUI Language If you have a GUI for .NET application, and during the execution of an event handler for a .NET event you have a WAIT-FOR on a ABL event (such as CLOSE of THIS-PROCEDURE), the client may crash randomly after the WAIT-FOR is satisfied.
OE00199303 NETUI NetUI Language The client crashes when you move focus to a .NET window that has a ABL embedded window by clicking on the column header of a browse that has a HELP string set.

You may see a SYSTEM ERROR message with the ACCESS VIOLATION exception or the following message:
System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
OE00199313 NETUI Other If an access violation occurrs when .NET calls back into the AVM, this might result in the following message being displayed:
"System.AccessViolationException. Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt."

If this happens, the AVM is in an unstable state, which can lead to further such messages and crashes. There is no protrace file generated for this message.
OE00199361 NETUI NetUI Language If the client gets a System.AccessViolationException, the session may run away consuming CPU and the only way to terminate the session is to kill it.

System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
OE00199411 SQL Server After disconnecting and re-connecting to the same SQL server and re-running a query, the _SQLSRV2 process crashes. This may happen when a table has a combined number of index key components (key fields) greater than 250, and the second connection references that same table.
OE00199469 GUI BROWSE If a window contains a browse widget, using a mouse's scroll wheel while the focus is on another widget will cause the browse widget to flash.
In addition, if the mouse scrolling is set to scroll one screen at a time (instead of the default 3 lines in the mouse properties, the session will hang.
OE00199745 Diagnostics 4GL Debugger Starting the debugger from within the AVM, or attaching the debugger to a running AVM can cause the AVM to crash.

This happens in the following circumstances:
- A class has a static method, a non-static temp-table, and a non-static method which passes this temp-table as a parameter
- The static method of this class is called
- No instance of the class has been created yet (It has not been NEW()'ed )
UNUM00000709 DBNav Other
DBNav 2.2
When using the Edit button > Text Editor to enter text into the View As or Validation fields in the Edit Column dialog of DB Navigator, the Finish button is not immediately enabled.

Плюс - в 10.2B02 вошли все исправления из 10.2B01

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