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Вышел Service Pack 01 для 10.2B

26 апреля 2010 г. вышел Service Pack 01 на OpenEdge 10.2B. 

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Исправления, вошедшие в 10.2B SP01

Product Update Version:



Release Version:



Date Available:


April 2010

Issue # Component Description
OE00193991 ADE Tools and Runtime Data Dictionary When you load a .df file, the .e file stops from being updated/generated after running many times
OE00177792 ADE Tools and Runtime GUI Rendering If a static SDV has translation data, SmartDataFields and untranslated labels are moved to the left by a large distance, and widgets may end up overlapping each other.
OE00194912 ADE Tools and Runtime GUI Rendering After upgrading an application to 10.2B from 10.1B03, initializing a smartWindow may not display all objects on the startup page. The problem occurs when the object on the startup page has a link that makes it a required object for objects on page 0. If the startup page is hidden by going to another page the object does become visible when re-entering the startup page.
OE00195523 ADE Tools and Runtime GUI Rendering Dynlaunch.i cannot handle both OUTPUT paramters and RETURN-VALUe in a thin-client environment (ie. running using AppServer). if the PLIP internal procedure that is called has both OUTPUT parameters and a RETURN statement with a RETURN-VALUE the OUTPUT parameter values are ignored and not returned to the caller.
OE00196301 ADE Tools and Runtime GUI Rendering A non-db field/widget on a DynSDV is not disabled on initialization when there are no records available.
OE00160917 ADE Tools and Runtime Webspeed Syntax checks of HTML files larger than 18KB hangs Webspeed Workshop. However, you can save compile without hanging.
OE00196585 AdminServer AdminServer jvmStart.exe crashes in 10.2B if a long, non-default install path is used
OE00195792 AppServer Network If a .NET Open Client program makes a call to the AppServer and the AppServer has been shut down the .NET Open Client will hang and consume 100% of the CPU.
OE00195213 Auditing Other Auditing does not record a dbstop 10101 event if the database is started/stopped via the AdminServer.
OE00193590 DATASERVER DataServer _probrkr does not release handles after _orasrv is dismissed, therefore it causes the system to freeze after many connects and disconnects
OE00099061 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV Performance of the DataServer unified broker through Progress Explorer is very slow compared to _probrkr DataServer broker.
OE00131234 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV If a MS SQL table contains a field of type Image with a Default Value (Constraint) of (NULL) then the schema holder creation process will fail with error 6193:
A binary string should be prefixed with 0x. (6193)
OE00190929 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV Behavior change to assist application developer to hand MSSQLSrv Deadlock
OE00194225 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV Date value is lost when return from the write or replication-write trigger
OE00194498 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV Error 11328 when updating existing record to assign image using COPY-LOB when used -Dsrv skip_schema_check.
OE00194678 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV Error 2098 migrating an existing database to SQL Server
OE00195372 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV The new computed column implementation for PROGRESS_RECID in the DataServer for MS SQL Server created a problem where values could not be assigned to record columns physically located after the PROGRESS_RECID in the record formt.
Attempting to assign such column values during record creation would fail if that table was using the new computed column PROGRESS_RECID solution.
OE00195638 DATASERVER MSSQLSRV When connected to a DataServer for MSS schema, messages that are supposed to go the client or AppServer server's log file end up in the dataserv.lg after you run STORED-PROC with the LOAD-RESULT-INTO phrase.
OE00127238 DATASERVER ORACLE CAN-FIND (LAST) which returns False in V8 returns True in OpenEdge 10
OE00197068 DB cx When retrieving data from the database and relying on natural index selection, based on predicate formation, a significant number of records that match the predicate criteria are not returned from the database. When the query uses multiple indexes and the result-set includes records with 32-bit and 64-bit rowids, the records with 64-bit rowids are not returned to the client.
OE00190745 DB db Disconnecting a binary dump process using the promon menu option 8. Shut Down Database, 1. Disconnect a User, could shutdown the database if there are clients connecting to the database at roughly the same time.
OE00195716 DB db Cannot start secondary login broker for target DB automatically
OE00192591 DB DBTLS A dbtool process running in a command window will incorrectly process a CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT when the window is closed, resulting in the database broker stopping the database.
OE00191294 DB DIAG Record corruption is not being detected by the DBTOOL utility
OE00194911 DB proutil When trying to run "proutil dbname -C updatevst" against OE Replication enabled database, disabling of OE Replication is required.
OE00195014 DB proutil Binary dump and load add 1-2 seconds per table since 10.2A01
OE00163060 DB rfutil After imaging does not work on a UTF8 database with auditing enabled. After imaging will work once the auditing has been disabled.
OE00193695 Diagnostics 4GL Debugger When a buffer is added to the Expressions list in the Debugger, error 51 occurs SYSTEM ERROR: sizditm -- invalid type. (51) and the client crashes.
OE00194219 Diagnostics Attachable Debugger The Debugger fails to start when called using the INITIATE() and SET-BREAK() methods from a class located within a package.
OE00193785 GUI 4GL Using the SEEK() function on a stream opened to the CLIPBOARD causes the session to crash.
OE00194341 GUI 4GL The OpenEdge GUI client session may crash when the user changes the value of a toggle-box browse cell with the mouse or keyboard.
OE00193919 GUI ActiveX Getting error message:
Error occurred while accessing component property/method: mapiobject.
No such interface supported
Error code: 0x8004002 (5890)

when using redemption.dll to interface with Outlook
OE00195298 GUI ALL OTHER WIDGETS If an editor widget is destroyed immediately after the EDIT-COPY or EDIT-CUT method is executed, the editor's contents will not be copied to the clipboard.
OE00192662 GUI BROWSE ABL code that creates a dynamic browse in an OpenEdge character client may crash. The problem occurs when the frame which contains the browse is not large enough. The same code can be executed in the OpenEdge Windows GUI client without problems.
OE00196110 GUI BROWSE Setting the INNER-LINES attribute on a browse column that is viewed as a combo-box may result in a crash when the browse is destroyed.
OE00193776 GUI GUI Client may crash after error 1450 when setting large string to LIST-ITEM-PAIRS
OE00195776 Install Management OpenEdge Explorer fails to initialize when no database license is present.
OE00193217 Install NetSetup When running installation of any deployment product (e.g. C/N) via NetSetup there's no option to skip .NET Framework 3.0 installation.
OE00193780 LANG 4GL In the SUBSTRING, ENTRY and LENGTH statements, if the argument that is the target of the operation is qualified (that is, it uses the colon syntax), the statement compiles but does nothing at runtime. (Note that this does not apply to the functions that have the same names -- they work correctly.)
This is true whether the qualifier is an object reference, THIS-OBJECT, or a handle variable referring to an attribute.
For example,
SUBSTRING(THIS-OBJECT:x, 1, 1024) = "".
has no effect on the data member 'x'.
OE00194007 LANG 4GL Client may inconsistently crash when executing a OUTPUT TO with a shared stream.
The specific case is when the statement is executed on a persistent procedure that has the stream shared and it outlived the procedure that defined it as NEW SHARED.
OE00194293 LANG 4GL Error 2894 is raised inconsistently when closing session or deleting a pending non-persistent procedure that has a query attached to a browse that is still being displayed.

"Action segment of procedure <name> is not in execution buffer (2894)"
OE00194516 LANG 4GL If a DEFINE FRAME, FORM or DEFINE BROWSE statement appears in a block at an unreachable line of code, the following warning is incorrectly issued:
WARNING: Executable statement at line <line-num> of file <file-name> will not be reached. (15090)

For example:
RUN foo.

OE00194534 LANG 4GL RETURN ERROR from a function executed by a FIND trigger gets propagated to OPEN-QUERY or FOR EACH and raises error condition in 10.2A01 and 10.2B FCS.(ERROR-STATUS:ERROR gets set if NO-ERROR used).
OE00194853 LANG 4GL Using a pre-processor field in place of a widget or object handle wjile in a pre-processor conditional block can cause a crash if the attribute name is longer than 6 characters. For example, the following code code causes the AVM (prowin32, _progres) to crash in 10.2B:
&scoped-define fill_in ""

&if defined(use_fillin) &then

{&fill_in}:screen-value = "".

OE00195223 LANG 4GL When trying to obtain offset of a text file in 4GL, SEEK function returns always 0.
OE00195734 LANG 4GL EXPORT buffer-field:buffer-value for a CLOB or BLOB field causes core dump in 10.2B
OE00195912 LANG 4GL COMPILE XREF/XREF-XML crashes for a class file if that class file contains a "PROCEDURE <name> EXTERNAL <dll/shared library>" statement.

Note that the class will compile successfully, ie. a COMPILE SAVE generates a working r-code file.
OE00187718 LANG COMPSRV When running an AppServer procedure that returns an output temp-table and the temp-table is in the unnamed widget-pool created by the prog, the appserver may crash if the program changed one of the following attributes dynamically via the default-buffer-handle: LABEL, COLUMN-LABEL, HELP or FORMAT.
OE00193232 LANG COMPSRV The AppServer server will leak memory if passing an output dataset (static or handle) to a WSA client.
OE00194521 LANG DATASET When deleting a reference-only temp-table in an object, it is left in an inconsistent state that causes errors (such as 13009) or a crash when the object is later reused.
OE00194392 LANG DATATYPE Using the VALIDATE option of the FORMAT phrase in a SET, DISPLAY or UPDATE statement that contains unsubscripted array reference generates the error:
"** An array was specified in an expression, on the right-hand side of an assignment, or as a parameter when no array is appropriate or expected. (361)"
OE00193957 LANG DLL When passing of input parameters of type 'double' from a Progress application to a shared object (DLL) on 64 bits AIX, parameters undergo a small but non-negligible change prior to being passed into the shared object. The parameters are converted to type float, and thus lose precision.
OE00195057 LANG DLL The OpenEdge GUI client crashes when calling external procedure TrackPopupMenu or TrackPopupMenuEx in USER32.DLL if the HWND of an ABL window is passed to the external procedure.
OE00172728 LANG I18N An initial value for a CHARACTER variable or temp-table field may be incorrect under the following circumstances:
- the codepage of the r-code is different than the -cpinternal of the client
- one of the codepages is UTF-8, but the other is not
- the initial value contains non-ASCII characters
- there is no trim (:T) translation attribute on the value

Users might see this manifested as:
- An error message such as "Unable to update Field (142)"
- garbage characters in the character value
- the character value has been truncated

The workaround for this is not to use an initial value for CHARACTERs, but set the initial value with an ASSIGN statement.
OE00193763 LANG I18N Using -cpinternal utf-8 -cpstream utf-8 -ucc on the character client executable results in error 557 not being generated when inputting data using INPUT FROM. Error 557 should occur when the data being input is longer the FORMAT of the variable it is being input into.
OE00193583 LANG OO4GL The compiler may flush part of an OOABL class hierarchy from memory when this should not happen. This will cause references to static class members to fail and cause a crash.

This is seen when a member is referenced using the static type name syntax, the class is recompiled and NEW'ed, and a second attempt is made to reference the member again using the static type name syntax
OE00193719 LANG OO4GL The GET accessor of an overridden property in child class does not get called from within an abstract parent class.
The GET accessor is never invoked when it is being referred to from within the parent class. With a method instead of a property this scenario does work. Also when the overridden property is accessed from outside the class it does work. The SET accessor also works correctly, regardless of where it is accessed.
OE00194004 LANG OO4GL An application trying to NEW a class that implements one or more interfaces may inconsistently crash. The crash is a result of flushing rcode out when reaching the -D limit.

The crash happens with a stack trace similar to this:
OE00195061 LANG OO4GL In some cases, compiling a reference to a static property in a class fails when the r-code file for the class referred to is present.

An "invalid input" error is raised ("** Invalid character in numeric input <character>. (76)" , "** Input value: <input> should be <yes/no>. (87)" or other), followed by:

** Unable to use initial value "<string>" for variable <name>. (342).

The initial value in the error 342 will match a method name in the class, minus the first 5 letters.
OE00196259 LANG OO4GL CAST on a class that inherits from a .NET class may cause a session to crash.
OE00195483 LANG Security When dumping a UTF-8 database structure (df) in Data Dictionary after loading international ICU collation, error 15158 is reported on some indexes.
OE00167191 LANG Web Services Client The Web Service client throws the following error when receiving a dynamic Temp-Table or ProDataSet if the xsd namespace is declared outside of the <schema> tag:

Namespace declaration 'xmlns:xsd' not found. (13133)
OE00168298 LANG Web Services Client When processing a WSDL encoded with UTF-16, bprowsdldoc fails with the following error:

Getting error 11748 when accessing a wsdl file through an web server.
Input stream is empty. Cannot create XMLParser. (11748)
OE00189005 LANG Web Services Client The OpenEdge Web Service client has a memory leak when repeatedly calling a Web Service with OUTPUT EXTENT parameters.
OE00192828 LANG Web Services Client When ABL client calls web service procedure returning a relatively large dataset , the client process initially is stable in size, but then grows on every subsequent execution.
OE00193979 LANG Web Services Client When sending data, the OpenEdge web service client's performance begins to deteriorate with messages over 32KB in size. The size of received does not affect performance.
OE00194165 LANG Web Services Client When the SOAP response is large the Progress client process size can grow to an unexpectedly large size. For example, a 10 MB SOAP message may cause the process to grow to hundreds of MB while a 50 MB SOAP message may cause the process to grow to over 1 GB.
OE00195147 LANG Web Services Client Error 13035 reading an XML from a HTTP Server may occur
OE00195598 LANG Web Services Client Making WebService call to the initialization of the port type with parameters causes the session to crash.
RUN portTypeName SET hPortType ON hWebService(INPUT parm1, OUTPUT parm2).
OE00176229 LANG XML Loading a longchar containing XML into an X-Document using the LOAD method: when saving the document to file, extended characters are incorrectly converted.
OE00194275 LANG XML If you manually add an xmlns attribute for default namespace in an XML document and then inoke the SAVE method, you will receive error 9082.
OE00195651 LANG XML When using READ-XML method that has the read mode set to REPLACE, it generates following error messages when a character field in the unique primary key contains a single quote:

** Unable to understand after -- ".tq-code=BRUG". (247)
FIND METHOD syntax is: [WHERE []] [USE-INDEX ]. (10086)
Invalid WHERE clause in FIND method for buffer t-quote (10041).

It seems 'replace' functionality is not able to handle quotes correctly.
OE00195772 LANG XML When using the READ-XML method with the REPLACE option and there is a unique primary key on a DATE field, you will get the following errors if a record in the XML violates the unique key constraint.

** <file-name> already exists with <field/value...>. (132)
Unable to update indexes for table <table-name>. (13055)
OE00196348 LANG XML Manually adding a declaration for the default namespace (xmlns="...") to a DOM element that contains an attribute without a prefix causes the following error when calling SAVE():

X-NODEREF or X-DOCUMENT SAVE got an error: Attempt to re-declare namespace prefix '' for namespace '' in element 'xs:schema'. It is already declared for namespace 'http://www.test.com/test.xsd'. (9082)
OE00184051 Management Management The Start/Stop AppServer Broker toggle in the Operator Role Customization page can be unchecked even though Add/Trim requires it.
OE00192303 Management Management On systems with fully qualified site-id, resources are not available for selection when attempting to create a report from a customer report template.
OE00193651 NETUI Data Binding When displaying data from a dataset that has recursive relations in an UltraGrid or UltraWinTree, as long as the buffer in the dataset has a data-source attached, the data display as expected, i.e. nested, however when the data-source is detached, or no data-source is used, the display is flat (i.e. none of the rows have child relations).
OE00194436 NETUI Data Binding Using GetCellValue() in an InitializeRow event is always successful when batching is turned off, however when using batching, in all batches after the first, it returns ?.
OE00195439 NETUI Data Binding There is a flaw in the IEnumerator implementation of our BindingSource object.
The MoveNext() method returns TRUE when called on an empty collection - it should return FALSE as calling the method on an empty collection should immediately put the enumerator past it's end.
OE00195441 NETUI Data Binding When Probindingsource is linked to a temp-table buffer, any attempt to change a
temp-table field results in the following error:

You cannot edit row when BindingSource is not bound to a DataSource.
OE00193461 NETUI NetUI Language When the user enters 0 into an Infragistics UltraNumericEditor, decimal conversion is incorrect.
OE00194659 NETUI NetUI Language When switching focus between a .NET form and an ABL window, the ENTRY event doesn't fire on the ABL window.
OE00194662 NETUI NetUI Language When an ABL window is closed after being launched by a .NET form which was launched by an ABL window, focus is incorrectly returned to the first ABL window instead of the .NET form which launched it.
OE00194694 NETUI NetUI Language Running a void method where a parameter involves using a .NET indexed property such as:
ultraGrid1:Rows[ultraGrid1:Rows:Count - 1]
raises error when no real error has occurred. Thus, the code after this line will be skipped since the ABL exits the block.
OE00194922 NETUI NetUI Language Compiling code that contains a .NET string indexer where the index value uses the :: notation (such as hbuffer::Name), causes the session to crash. In fact any index value whose data type cannot be determined at compile time will have the same effect (such as the return value from DYNAMIC-FUNCTION).
OE00195769 NETUI NetUI Language When creating a new class that inherits from Progress.Windows.Form, and adding a static variable to this class, the session crashes when running a procedure file that creates a new instance of the class.
OE00195532 NETUI Other Extended characters are not displayed correctly in a regular ABL window when
WAIT-FOR System.Windows.Forms.Application:Run() statement is used instead of
OE00189260 NETUI User Interface When both .NET forms and ABL windows are part of the same application, the LEAVE event does not fire in an ABL window when focus is given to a.NET form. This is not consistent with what the user experiences when focus is shifted from one ABL window to another.
OE00193204 NETUI User Interface If _edit.p is called through a chain that includes a .NET form, code syntax is checked with F2 or Shift-F2, and errors are found, the error dialog is hidden behind the procedure editor. If the user then presses F2 or Shift-F2 again, the dialog will come to the front, but neither keyboard or mouse input will make the buttons work, even though the dotted lines appear to show that they are selected.
OE00193886 NETUI User Interface If the CLIPBOARD system handle is accessed from an MDI form, error "Unable to open the clipboard (4481)" is raised.
OE00195009 NETUI User Interface When an ABL window embedded in an MDI child form contains a widget which has an ENTRY trigger, the widget has focus, and a UI element on the main form is then used to call a .NET dialog, the form class crashes when trying to execute the widget's ENTRY trigger upon return to the embedded window.
OE00195119 NETUI User Interface A .NET Form containing an UltraGrid may fail to paint the data in the grid if a .W is moved on top of the .NET Form and then the .NET Form is moved on top of the .W.
OE00195306 NETUI User Interface The UltraGrid control will sometimes fail to paint properly when an application is connected to a database in client/server mode. The same application works properly when connected to the database in single user mode.
OE00195624 NETUI User Interface It is possible that an UltraGrid control will not properly repaint if a popup menu is displayed over it.
OE00195756 NETUI User Interface When an ABL Dialog is launched from a .NET form and ABL Window is present, the ABL window is brought in front of any .NET forms that are displayed but remains behind the dialog.
OE00195862 NETUI User Interface A blank ABL window is erroneously visualized when launching a child window whose launching parent has been parented to ProWinHandle.
OE00196343 NETUI User Interface Some of the column data in the UltraGrid is disappearing/not repainting when the grid is overlaid by an ABL window which was initiated from a toolbar button_click event. The data reappears when the mouse is moved over the columns.
OE00192398 OEIDE Editing When inserting code into editor via Source -> Add Procedure/Function/Method/Property, etc. or auto-generation of code in cases of interface implementations, etc. excessive numbers of blank lines are inserted in the editor code block. These appear below (and sometimes above) the group of equal blocks, for example after all internal procedures when procedures are added. Similarly, within a class file (.cls) spaces are inserted before the END CLASS statement.
OE00192666 OEIDE Editing The "Add Procedure" dialog is missing a toggle to specify an internal procedure as private. As the ABL does support defining internal procedures as PRIVATE, this dialog should have a matching toggle as well.
This is inconsistent with similar behavior in Add function Dialog, where we can mark a function as Private.
OE00194386 OEIDE Editing After inserting a macro in architect the cursor is placed before the first variable but the variable is not selected.
OE00179801 OEIDE OE Support Content Assist on database fields, caches the database schema for quick display of contents under content assist pop-up. The schema cache is never updated till we restart the OpenEdge architect.

In an event of Database schema change either via data dictionary or Db navigator, say the user renames a field of a table in the database, this change won't be reflected until restart. Content assist pop-up will show the old field name and
when the renamed field is selected, error 138 is generated.
OE00197065 OEIDE OEIDE OEA fails to start DB if install path incl. spaces or parentheses
OE00192603 OEIDE Project IDE Setting a global logging level in a Run Configuration (at the top of the logging tab where log file etc. are specified) will result in the AVM using a logging level that is 1 higher than the one specified.
For example, setting a logging level "Basic" results in the AVM setting the logging level to 3 where it should be 2.

Setting the logging level per entry type does use the correct logging levels.
OE00194586 OEIDE Project IDE If you have multiple classes with the same name in different folders and you have the "Build only when source files are newer than r-code" option unchecked in the OpenEdge->Build properties then you do a Project->Clean Architect will not compile all the classes with the same name.
OE00195958 OEIDE Project IDE Changing the build destination for a project doesn't delete the rcode from the old build destination. It may cause compile/runtime errors because the old .r code still exists and the old build destination might be still in the propath.
OE00194601 OEIDE Visual Designer In OE Architect, when adding a property it displays the dialog where we can set the name of the property. If typing, for example, pOrdnr and accidentally adding a space after it, it states message:
'Invalid property name'. However, when adding a method, if you include a space in the name of the method it is accepted.
This is inconsistent behavior, it should work the same way for both 'Add Property' and 'Add Method'.
OE00194635 OEIDE Visual Designer On 10.2B, Visual Designer hangs when trying to expand the Appearance properties of several labels at the same time
OE00194204 Open Client Bridge The .NET Open Client does not support compression when talking to the AppServer (like the ABL does with the -mc startup parameter).
OE00170584 Open Client Java Retrieving very large Prodataset 20 times slower with Java Open Client than with ABL.
OE00194999 Open Client Web Services Provider The WSA does not accept datetime-tz values with a 'Z' timezone when using an AppServer procedure with a ProDataSet as the input parameter
OE00195148 Porting Dev NetSetup installation doesn't put msvcr71.dll on the client machine.
And so when the client makes WSO calls it fails with error:
Unable to load httpsys.dll which depends on libwww.dll which depends on msvcr71.dll
OE00190098 Replication AGENT If the -L, -n, -M* parameters are different on the source and target, the database may eventually fail to synchronize. The argument on the target database must be greater than or equal to the arguments on the source database.
OE00194230 Replication Replication Disable Replication utility changes the modification date of the database
OE00195143 Security Authorization In 10.2B, the audit event 10522 is no longer being recorded when auditing is enabled and configured to track event 10522 for failed SQL login attempts.
OE00195391 Security OECS The performance of the GENERATE-UUID (and by extension the GUID function without parameters) dropped significantly in OpenEdge 10.2B compared to previous releases.
OE00183771 SQL ESQL92 ESQL/C: Once the TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL has been set in an ESQL/C program, it can not be changed for subsequent Static SQL statements executed on the same Connection object.
As of OE sql 10.2B01, the isolation level defined by an esql SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL statement will be in effect at once, provided it is correctly defined.

As per SQL standards, an isolation level can only be correctly defined before a transaction begins. Thus, if a transaction is in progress, and the SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL statement is executed, this would cause an error to be raised. Previously, ESQL would not detect this error. As of Release 10.2B01, ESQL will detect this error.

Note that the time immediately after a COMMIT or ROLLBACK is always before a new transaction begins, and is a suitable place for SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL.
OE00192426 SQL JDBC Drivers Data from a CLOB field is truncated when fetched using the OpenEdge JDBC driver. Truncation does not occur when using the OpenEdge ODBC driver or the JDBC/ODBC bridge.
OE00188510 SQL ODBC Drivers The last call to the SQLGetData ODBC function returns invalid data length in the StrLen_or_IndPtr output parameter when retrieving data in multiple parts, for example from a CLOB field. Sometimes, invalid truncation of CLOB data was observed.
OE00194163 SQL Server A SELECTstatement containing NEXTVAL in READ_UNCOMMITED isolation level will create an ACTIVE transaction in the database.
OE00194300 SQL Server A SQL query containing a subquery and aggregation caused _SQLSRV2 to terminate abnormally.
OE00194688 SQL Server When a select statement contains BETWEEN expressions you might experience the following error:
[DataDirect][OpenEdge JDBC Driver][OpenEdge] Encounter internal error in SQL ENGINE at 852 in Z:/vobs_sql/sql/src/opt_anl2.cxx. Contact Progress Technical Support

This may happen when the BETWEEN predicate involves columns from 2 tables being joined, and there is no database index to directly support any relationship between the 2 columns used on the BETWEEN.
OE00196695 SQL Server SQL queries hang under the following conditions:
1. Using a multi-database connection
2. Selecting from a table in an auxiliary catalog using a synonym.
3. A table of the same name does not exist in the primary catalog
4. A synonym is defined for the table.
5. The synonym is not qualified with the auxiliary catalog name in the query.
OE00119231 SQL SQL If you exceed the -n setting for a broker and attempt to make a SQL-92 connection to the database, a SQL server will be spawned but the connection fails with "You have attempted to connect to a database with too many users connected to it. Retry the connection later, or increase -n on the server. (5291)"

If you continue to attempt SQL-92 connections and fail, new SQL servers are spawned until the -Mn or the -Mpb is reached and then the error changes to "No SQL servers are available. Try again later. (8839)." If you Reduced of the number of connections to below the -n value and attempt a SQL connection, it will fail again with "No SQL servers are available. Try again later. (8839)" even though a number of sql servers are present.
OE00162612 SQL SQL Complex SELECT DISTINCT query returns internal error, err. at 1985 in /vobs_sql/sql/src/rds/opt_sort.cxx
OE00182281 SQL SQL Running failing Java code in sql-92 trigger returns wrong error message
[DataDirect][OpenEdge JDBC Driver][OpenEdge] Incompatable data type specified fo
r Trigger OLDROW/NEWROW getValue/setValue method. (10802)

although the failing code has nothing to do with the getValue/setValue method.

As of OE 10.2B01, sql now returns an accurate message, saying "ClassCastException occured in trigger execution".
OE00194245 SQL SQL SQL select statement using LIKE predicate returns too many records than expected.
As of OE sql 10.2B01, the LIKE predicate returns consistent, correct results in situations where there are no wildcards, and in all other situations.
OE00181460 SQL SQL Explorer Sqlexplorer (JDBC client) had an issue that would prevent it from dynamically connecting to multiple databases by specifying configuration name in the url.
jdbc:datadirect:openedge://localhost:6790;databaseName=empty[-mdbq:Mlb Sales]

The part in the square brackets "[-mdbq:Mlb Sales]" caused sqlexplorer to return NULL and fail connection . If the part in the url is not used, the connection to the database would succeed

The issue was specific to sqlexplorer and limited to using the dynamic connection feature in an MDBQ (multi database query) environment which uses property files.
OE00193235 TTY 4GL The browse widget leaks memory on TTY clients (Unix or char client on Windows). The leak will be bigger depending on whether you have an updatable browse and/or the number of rows with data.
OE00195098 Unsupported Products Profiler When a session is started with the -s greater than 126 the profiler output
returns incorrect timestamps.
A similar issue exists in proc.mon files on 64-bit platforms: a huge
constant (like 0xZZ00000000) is added to the the times.
OE00191338 WebSpeed Agent When adding environment variables that need to be expanded for a given WebSpeed or AppServer broker, if you try to start it up it will report that it could not be started when in fact it did start up but broker could not expand one or more environment variables.
OE00194949 WebSpeed Tools Webspeed data browse shows new sequence as ?

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